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Therapy for Trauma

You don’t have to go through war, or live through unspeakable evil acts, to have trauma.

Trauma is about any of your life experiences that made you feel helpless. It’s about those experiences that continue to have sneaky ways of dictating the decisions you make, the thoughts you have, or even the aspirations you don’t reach for.

The thing about trauma is that you may or may not remember the past consciously.

Good or bad, not all memories live in our conscious awareness.

Trauma lives in the body.

What does that mean?

You may not consciously recall something traumatic happening to you, but your body does.

It affects the way you carry yourself, the way you talk, or the types of people you avoid or don’t get along with – all unconsciously.

Do you experience:

  • feeling disconnected or not like yourself,
  • feeling sad or hopeless,
  • experiencing a lot of anxiety or irrational fears,
  • not being able to concentrate on anything for too long,
  • difficulty forming fulfilling relationships, or
  • experience anger, difficulty with impulse control, and intense mood swings?


  1. You want [must have] change in your life.
  2. You know the change starts with you.
  3. You believe in your heart that the change needs to happen now.


Free yourself from shame and baggage. Clear your plate. Remove the baggage and finally discharge the negative emotions that stem from your past.

You don’t have to live a caged life. Learn to use your past for greater freedom and power.

Imagine: your life with a new-found ability to breathe in deeply. To find the peace, security, and personal power that’s been missing your whole life.

Find out how powerful you really are, and how far you can go with a new map and perspective of your world – free from past limitations.

This is the most important decision you can make. One that determines how you end up living your life.

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