Welcome, life-breather.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I know you’re here because your life just isn’t working for you anymore.

The way life is now, it probably isn’t cutting it for you anymore: Perhaps you don’t remember the last time you woke up excited to be alive, and the thought of going through the motions – just existing – in life is something you’re sick of.

It takes a lot of guts to say you want to change your world and your reality – and it takes so much more courage to do something about that nagging feeling.

Trust yourself and this process.

You’re not in this alone – not if you want to go the distance.

If you’re looking for sustainable, life-long change, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to let go of those pesky, painful thoughts: not being enough, feeling out of control, and feeling like a f*ck-up.

Let’s create transformation.

We’ll use the Psychology of Fulfillment and Art of Experience to figure out how to begin your transformation.

Yes, it’s a science, but it’s also an art.

The work we’ll do together is a meticulous composition of using what works, and finding what works for you.

Thanks to your pain, you’re about to experience something ridiculously amazing.

Not everyone has the honor to go through the journey you’re about to embark.

But you’re here, which means that your gut finally has your attention.

Live life your way – plugged in to what matters.

I’m Dr. J.

Yes, I’m a licensed psychologist.

Yes, I help you heal.

In fact, I’ve helped clients lose their baggage from past trauma in just one session.

But I’m not a therapist in the traditional sense.

We go beyond therapy to include a unique blend of coaching and counseling. This is why the work we do is best described as mental-fitness training.

I’ll provide you with effective strategies and a framework that makes sense so that you can take back your life again. It’s so simple, but requires a ton of finesse. That’s where I come in.

We’re in this together.

Let me help you create effortless shifts so that you can finally live with your head and heart aligned.

But first, let me leave you with a few questions.

Who is it that you want to become?

How is it that you want to feel – every day?

With love and all that matters,

Dr. J
Jisun Sunny Fisher, Ph.D.

More About Me

I’m a licensed psychologist by trade, with post-graduate degrees from Columbia University and University of Connecticut, but can’t get enough of psychological magic like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, and Applied Positive Psychology in creating transformations. I consider myself a healing-teaching psychospiritualist who loves seeing transformations happen. I’ve been published on platforms like Goalcast, Fatherly, and Arianna Huffington’s ThriveGlobal to share the message that life is urgent, and we should all ask ourselves the ultimate question “did I matter?” in shaping every day decisions.

My name means, “one who knows beauty.” I live by that – and make it my intention to see the best in people, the magic in the world around me, and the divine in every day occurrences. I’m encouraged by a selfless mother and generous brother; loved by an admirable husband; and supported by devoted friends that I count my blessings for everyday. I couldn’t imagine life without these important people in my life. It’s in these relationships that I find inspiration and meaning.

One day, I’ll be gone. My ashes will be blown over the magical lands of Hawaii. But my hope is that my legacy will leave a significant ripple of love, intention, and inspiration.


Want to know if this is a good fit? 

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“I feel so honored and blessed to have had you as my therapist. The knowledge, advice, and skills you have taught me have been beyond amazing and brilliant. From our first meeting together, I knew that this was a great match. Even at my worst, you still believed in me and encouraged me and I couldn’t be more happy, grateful, and thankful.”


I enjoyed every aspect. Dr J. Is on point!!!”

Thomas K.

“If you happen to find Dr J in your life path [is] not a coincidence; it’s a synchronicity. I’ve been polishing up the best version of myself after experiencing traumatic childhood and marriage. I was looking for a special soul to guide me into a secret place within me that needed healing and she did it. Last month, I lost my grandma and both of my parents (due to the virus) but the healing I experienced in my last session with Dr J was so profound that I was able to mourn them in peace because I had forgiven them truly. I’m so thankful for Dr J; her intuitive guidance let me find a peaceful, aligned place within me.” 

Yareth N.

Dr J had a very positive attitude with strong advice. The relaxation techniques were awesome!”

Chris L.

“Words cannot express the immense gratitude we have for all the ways you have helped… You are greatly missed.”

“Dr. Fisher went out of her way to build a professional, yet personal bond… helped him to open up in a way I could not… She made [his] feel at ease immediately and we saw and felt his progress grow.”

Erin C.