Spend your life defending your light. – Will Smith

The light that you carry isn’t your own. It’s a gift given to you by your creator, the universe, and life itself. And it’s your responsibility to honor it. When people lay on their deathbeds, regretting that they weren’t true to themselves, essentially they’re regretting that they haven’t honored their gift. They didn’t use their life to share their gifts, and they neglected to bring their light into this world. Whether they lived their lives hiding in the corner out of fear or wearing a mask for the sake of others, their bodies withered down to old age while they spent their time here never truly living. What are some ways to ensure this isn’t you?

1. Give your gifts freely. What are you really good at? Share them. If you’re awesome at putting together thoughts in an elegant way on the page, write! Start a blog post (if you want, write in it anonymously), and share your thoughts. Do you play an instrument? Play it with others. Share your music – there’s someone out there that needs to hear it today. Create, and inspire (breathe life into) others. Your gift was given to you to share, not to hog. There is someone out there that needs to get in touch with your gifts. It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it for a living, share your creativity and courage with others.
2. Do what lights you up. Recently at a conference, I was approached by a stranger who said to me, “I needed to meet you – there is such a vibrancy about you.” People ask me about the “it” factor, or how to speak with a stage presence or confidence. It comes from a place of being lit up – being so passionate about life that I can’t help but radiate. I’m lit up whenever sharing a space with like-minded people to talk about things that bring us to life. I love listening to other people’s stories. That’s where the vibrancy comes from – doing something that lights me up. Give yourself permission to create a space to restore your kindness and humanity, to light you up. Whether that’s cooking, sharing a meal with others, playing with kids, running in the woods, listening to music – gobble up everything that absolutely lights you up.
3. Share your message. Someone out there needs to hear your story. Not the limiting, unresourceful one that you tell yourself in your head. But the real story. The hero’s journey that you rarely share with the world. You’ve had obstacles, struggles, and pain in your life – but you’ve most likely overcome them. Tell your story – it may inspire someone or significantly change someone’s life.
4. Actively choose to step into fear. There’s something amazing that lives on the other side of your fear. Have you ever felt scared, but in a way that tickled you a bit? When you think about your next business idea but what you feel is 90% fear and 10% tickle (concept thanks to Ian Griffith!), you absolutely know that you have to jump. Your dreams, your visions, and everything you’ve ever wanted in life – is on the other side of that fear. Choose to seek out what you fear, and step into it boldly.
5. Surround yourself with people that fan those flames. This is when I’m most lit up. When I’m surrounded by people that truly inspire me and want to see me step up into my successes, I’m on fire. I never feel more alive than when I engage with people that want to really live fully, and want to give back to the world. When I share this space with other movers and shakers, I’m in a state of pure curiosity and bliss. If there is one thing you walk away with today after reading this #loveletter to you, I hope that you find people that help you come alive. That’s the point of life.



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Your life is your gift. Don’t waste it. #SingularPresence

Photo courtesy of @baim