The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Vince Lombardi

If you want more out of life, but you don’t quite see the things you want in life, there’s something you’ve missed entirely.


There are two things I make sure gets included in my housekeeping. Without these two things, my life would be a metaphorical (and literal) mess. It’s this daily fine-tuning that allows me to chug along efficiently and gracefully. But before we get there, I want you to consider a few things.

There’s nothing more polarizing than admitting you’re born with royalty running in your veins, but not seeing the supporting evidence in your life.

Recently, the Universe opened up a new door for me, and it all came nicely packaged in a dream.

In this dream, I was visiting my alma mater, and was required to take an exam as part of the trip. After seeing that I blew it out of the water, I took it upon myself to go to the college gift shop to get my advisor something nice. I found just the thing, only to put it down momentarily because I thought I might find “something better.”

And so in the short span of time that I walked away, someone came by and scooped up the gift, and I saw her backside walking out the door with my perfect gift in hand.

The message in this dream was two-fold:

  1. Don’t miss out on your opportunity – listen to your intuition. For so long I’ve doubted things I’ve experienced. I was afraid others would see me as “woo-woo” or sporadic in the way my direction kept changing. But if I follow my smile, I know it would never lead me astray. For a couple of years now, I’ve begun to incorporate the “woo-woo” into my work: in my 1-on-1, in my classes, and now, in online program I’m developing. Which leads me to the second message of the dream,
  2. Hold steadfast in what is already mine. Show up, be persistent, and just show up. When I love what I do, I make excuses to get my hands on doing exactly those things, even if life gets in the way. But simply loving what I do wasn’t enough. You see, in the beginning, I had filled myself with doubts: was this “right?”… but others are better than me… it’s been done before... If we all listened to that voice, we’d only have one piano player, one architect, and and ballerina. I know better now – in fact, by showing up and doing those things that i love consistently, the Universe has met me halfway: doors always open up and abundance fervently follows.

So if you want to see more of what you desire in your heart project out into the physical reality of this life experience, there are only two things you really need to do now.

Where do you need more housekeeping?

Create balance.

Balance your masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies. Pursue your dreams, but also sit back and allow your power to manifest come to life. Be bold, and also be compassionate. Create structure, and learn to be flexible.

Harness courage.

Persistence requires looking at your fears head on. Your fear of being inadequate, fear of rejection and isolation, fear of hard work. When you harness courage, you learn that you’re created of the same stuff that the stars are made of. When you harness courage, you learn that your place in this world is not of this world. When you harness courage, you learn that what you love doing feels nothing like work at all. Persistence is harnessing the courage to do what makes you feel the corners of your mouth lift and ultimately to feel invincible in your value to life and humanity.

Your challenge this week is three-fold:

First, identify where you need more balance. The quickest way to find it is to follow your stress, and locate the source. Second, plug into your schedule at least three times in the next week to do more of what you’re lacking (how will you bring the scale back to balance?). Third, schedule in one way to be more courageous this week (e.g., how can you be more authentic in the way you communicate?).

If you’re feeling up to it, let me know in the comments section below what your housekeeping looks like.

Live with intention. Inspire with love.