I am totally in love! This is as close to the fountain of youth as it gets. It’s reported to relieve symptoms of depression, increase your ability fight off colds and flus, recover faster from strenuous workouts, look younger, relieve stress, and learn to have 007 resilience.

Cold Showers. I accidentally started taking cold showers due to some recent hot and muggy weather and some very good workout sessions. I’ve been taking ice-cold showers for about a week now, and I… can’t… stop. Earlier last week I found myself buzzing after an illicitly cold shower. Furthermore, I felt more awake and alert (think: Spidy-senses) than I had for a very long time. Although it was quite difficult to force my body to withstand the shock, the adrenaline rush for the rest of the morning was totally worth it. Thereafter, I committed myself to another cold shower. Then another. Again the next day. I was hooked. Even if the benefits below didn’t exist, I think I would continue to take these ice-cold showers just for the sheer rush that comes from following this routine.

But for those that don’t think the rush is enough to sustain such an insane routine daily, here are the listed and proven benefits on cold hydrotherapy:

  1. Antidepressant effects: increased beta-endorphine and noradrenaline.
  2. Speedier performance/athletic recovery: decreased inflammation and soreness
  3. Younger appearance: decreased pores and increased shine in hair
  4. Ability to stay cool under stress (increased stress tolerance & emotional resilience): decreased uric acid
  5. Fewer colds and flus: increased white blood cells
  6. Healthier heart: improved blood circulation and vasoconstriction
  7. Smaller waist size: increased levels of brown fat (burn energy to keep body warm)
  8. Cleaner body: whole body contraction and stimulation of lymphatic system
  9. Reduced swelling and edema: stimulation of lymphatic system
  10. Reduced aches and pains: increased hormonal production and blood circulation

 Seek a medical professional before engaging in this exercise, as it may be contraindicated for some individuals with health risks.