A concept relating snowflakes to our unique individualities has been one of the most provocative ideas that I’ve ever heard. We are each like snowflakes. Unique in pattern, never to be repeated. Furthermore, just like snowflakes, our lives are transient – once the snowflake melts, that pattern will NEVER be repeated again. That snowflake will never be seen again in this world. Likewise, once we leave this world, there will never be anyone like each of us again. How unfortunate this world would be, if we couldn’t utilize the gift of time that we were each given on this earth to make a difference. This difference can be made only by choosing to be true to each unique pattern we were given. There’s so much to go around this world – abundance in wealth, health, love, and promises. There is enough abundance in this world for those of us who dare to believe that it’s possible. Because we don’t all want the same things. We have interests in all different things.

In the past, when someone would rebuke me or make fun of my taste in music, career, or in simple decisions as leaving a well-paying job or position, I would take serious offense. And then I would hear my inner critic telling me I wasn’t good enough, not like others enough, and not smart enough. It took a long time for me to get to a point in my life where I’m able to say, and believe, enough is enough. I deserve more than self-rebuke, social comparisons, and put-downs. I realized that if I didn’t believe I was worth my unique gifts, talents, and voice, no one else would believe the worth of my presence either. I owe it to this world and creator to believe in myself, as much as I believe in my clients. Have you ever wondered why individuals like Oprah, Tony Robbins, or Ellen Degeneres, have such a magnetic pull? An authority over their presence that commands each of us to be in awe as we listen to what they have to share with the world? It’s because they believe in themselves, their worth, and most importantly, they believe in the power of what they have to share with all of us. They believe that not sharing their unique patterns with the world would leave this place a bit more desolate, less inspired. You may not have a desire to be as big or as famous as them – and that’s totally okay. But if you want to make a difference to your family, friends, and community, a difference that is true, you must honor you. Learn to love yourself, and I mean, totally and completely. With that, you’ll learn to honor yourself, others will respect you, and inadvertently, you’ll expand your ability to love and respect those around you.