Sometimes, having the right framework means the difference between living a life you dream about and living a life that’s filled with solitude, victimhood, and frustration. I’m going to give you one of those frameworks now. But I want you to understand something. If you don’t resonate with this framework, figure out what’s holding you back. Find another framework that’s just as resourceful. Or remove whatever unresourceful mindset gets in the way. It’s the difference between a magical life, and a wasted life.


A very wise mentor of mine once told me something about life that awakened me. It went something like this: Life is a voyage. You are the captain on this voyage. You determine where to set course. But of course, you have others on the ship. You have the navigator. S/he is the person who receives your instructions and determines the best way to get there. S/he takes into account things like the trade winds, the ocean’s currents, and their current location. You navigator is your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind determines the steps it needs to get you where you need to go. But it will prioritize the destinations if you don’t direct it consciously.

I love this framework. It’s profound and connects to what everyone knows. We’re all voyagers, explorers. Dr. Mike Mandel is a genius at what he does. I respect and adore him for so many reasons, but this story blew my mind. Allow me to take this analogy just a little further with a few slight tweaks that speak to me in resounding tones.


You’re the Captain of the Ship. Your conscious mind makes decisions. However, unless you tell your Unconscious Mind where you want to go, you’re lost at sea forever. You wander from place to place with no direction or intention. You have to determine, as the Ship’s Captain, where the ship will go. You have your crew members that are there to take care of all the ship’s needs in whatever circumstances. These are your resources. Your strategies. Your life skills; your emotional intelligence. The Navigator is your Unconscious Mind. It will determine, based on what you’ve instructed, the best course of action. S/he has skills that you as the Captain don’t have. Trust your Navigator. You also have a compass on the ship. The compass is very important – because it tells you whether you’re on the right or wrong course. Whether you’ve veered off track or you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Your compass is your emotions. Understand that life isn’t about being happy. It’s just a byproduct (more on this later).

Life is a voyage – you’re the Captain, and you have an awesome crew. If you don’t, it’s time to hire new crew members, or train them properly. Learn the right strategies now that you have the right framework.



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You need to live YOUR life. No one else can, or ever will. Your life is your gift. Don’t waste it. #SingularPresence


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