What is mind-chatter? It’s that nagging, incessant voice that drags you into a pool of judgments. It’s the elevator music singing you the repetitive tune of “Never Good Enough.” Mind-chatter is the chip on your shoulder telling you to keep doing, never mind the being. If you want to live a heart-centered life, you have to actually live in your heart and out of your head. Let your heart guide your head, not the other way around.

Mind-chatter keeps us living on autopilot, perpetually urging us to live in the grind. Accomplish. Achieve. Again. With these blinders on, it’s impossible to live in the moment, to appreciate our beauty and the beauty around us. We’ll never reach a time or place where living a heart-centered and meaningful life is a reality if we’re stuck in our heads. If we listen to mind-chatter long enough, we forget what our own voices sound like. That’s how we get lost. It’s the reason why we get stuck. When we try and stop to listen to our voice again, we end up frozen in fear because it doesn’t sound quite right. In fact, it may even sound foreign. We think to ourselves, “It doesn’t sound like me.”

Why do we live in conflict, heeding our hearts but succumbing to societal demands instead? Imagine what your life could look like if you chose not to confine yourself to the walls of your skull. What would be different in your life if you got out of your own way? Luckily for you, there are simple things you can do to leap out of our head and into your heart.

  1. Become aware of your mind-chatter. The first step is to hear your mind-chatter. Take out those earplugs. You’ll find this easier to do with each time you intentionally notice it. Once you notice your mind-chatter, create space between you and the chatter. Know that you’re not your thoughts.
  2. Shift your focus on how you want to feel. You’ll begin to find that the mind-chatter in your thoughts is not particularly resourceful. In fact, you’ll start to notice that it makes you feel sad, angry, helpless, pathetic, etc. To combat this, shift your focus to how you want to feel. Bring to mind moments that made you feel this way. Keep your focus there.
  3. Repeat. There’s a reason why life changes require habits. Habits are actions that are done on a consistent basis. Commit yourself to catching your mind-chatter and combatting them.


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