Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it – Ernest Holmes

We all have our unique way of viewing the world. It’s shaped through the culmination of all of our experiences – some helpful, some not so helpful. What if I told you that the way you view your world shapes who you are as a person today? Even better yet, what if I told you that you don’t have to live life tied to who you think you are, but you can actually change your life simply by changing the way you view the world?

The single most important and helpful a-ha for me in the past year has been the recognition that I can actually question and shape my own reality. And one of the most profound stories about life has helped me to learn the truth in the belief that I can shift my life just by shifting how I see it. That profound story has been about something called the sacred contract. Allow me to explain.

Before we were born into this world, our souls had a set of life lessons it wanted to learn in this life-time. My soul wanted me to learn a set of lessons in this lifetime before passing to the next part of the energy voyage. And so in my life, I’ll have to learn these sets of lessons – and I can determine how well I learn these lessons, or how I choose to struggle with it.

In this lifetime, you have a sacred contract that you need to fulfill. Only then can you count this life as a success.

As part of your sacred contract, you’ve made thousands and hundreds of thousands of other contracts – soul contracts. Each person you meet in your lifetime, no matter how short the span, your soul and theirs have actually designed your lives to meet each other. Everyone in your life is here to teach you something. They are here to guide you closer to learning a particular lesson in your life. That is – everyone in your life is there for a reason.

Whenever I run into a bump in the road, no matter how big or small, no matter how scary or painful, I know there’s a lesson in that bump. I feel held, secure, and safe knowing that there’s a reason for each struggle. And my soul has placed it there to learn an important lesson. And so, I have a choice: Do I learn the lesson and fulfill that part of the contract, or do I shirk that responsibility and wait for an even more painful experience to re-teach that lesson to myself?

If you feel stuck in the same, destructive pattern in life (maybe related to your health, wellness, relationships, or money), listen to me, and please understand this one thing. This simple shift in how I view my world and the meaning I give to my struggles has set me on a completely different path and trajectory of life. All it took was this one shift in reality. You can do the same.


Your life is your gift. Don’t waste it. #SingularPresence