What if you could save yourself the lifetime of heartache and learn to heed life’s most valuable lessons before you were on your deathbed? Ware has worked in palliative care and shares the most pressing lessons of the dying with the rest of the world. The top five regrets of the dying:

  1. I wish I’d lived a life true to myself.
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.
  3. I wish I’d expressed my feelings.
  4. I wish I’d stayed in touch with friends.
  5. I wish I’d let myself be happier.

Which of these five hit home for you? Which would you like to pay attention to more? What are some ways that you can start creating a life for yourself now to avoid these regrets when it’s your time?

I’ll be writing a post for each of the five regrets above, and would like to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to contribute, or you’d like to chat with me about any of the above to get you back on track, please comment below. I can post your stories anonymously if you’d like as well.


Photo courtesy of @cristian_newman