The end of 2017 is quickly approaching around the corner . I can’t help but think, what have you done so far to really make use of this time? We make such a huge deal about coming up with lofty New Years Resolutions around this time, but many forget that the whole point of making these promises and commitments is to enjoy the journey and savor the joy of measuring growth. Want to measure your growth? In order to chart progress, you need to know where you’re at currently. To get to point B, you need to know where point A is. Ask yourself, what’s my status? It’s surprising how many people forget that! Research shows that in order for us to have the oomph behind any action, we need some kind of dissonance, discomfort or pain to move us to action.

When we’re seeking growth, it’s all in our heads that the end goal is really what we’re after. In fact, materialistic or financial gains are shown to have the shortest spans of boost in happiness levels. Although winning the lottery may spike your happiness level, it won’t keep it there. Your happiness level drops back down to where you were before the win. After you meet your goals of making 200K per year, or after buying that one house you’ve had your eye on for quite a while, you’re likely to come back down to where you were before that purchase in terms of happiness or satisfaction levels. It’s called habituation. So when we say that we want X amount of money in our bank accounts, or own this car and those shoes, what we’re really saying is that we want to feel a certain way. The only way we’ll get to that certain feeling (and maintain it!) is to do the heavy lifting of self-reflection.

Self-Reflection Exercise (Life Wheel). How happy or satisfied are you in the following areas?









Take a second to put a number from 1-10, rating yourself in all 8 areas.


See where you’re really low. Where do you see yourself improving next? Sometimes life improvement is like a tide. When the tide rises to bring one boat up, all of the boats in the harbor must come up too. Maybe it feels really good to go out of your way to be a better friend. That increases your motivation to be a better partner, and a better father, mother, brother, or sister. Life instinct to grow is a beautiful thing. It might even be the answer to the one question philosophers have asked themselves for hundreds of years – what’s the point of life?


Assess yourself. Then take #BOLDMOVES to live your life without regrets.

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You need to live YOUR life. No one else can, or ever will. Don’t waste your gift. #SingularPresence


Photo courtesy of @anniespratt