When you know how you’re going to evaluate your life at the end, you have real intention and mortality motivation, and that’s when everything changes.

Brendon Burchard

I used to say that nothing in this Universe happens by accident. Coincidences are simply words that share the magic of synchronicities to whomever wants to listen.

Throughout our days and in the midst of our lives, things that come to our attention, come to our attention for a reason. It could be the simplest of things – a feather that you happen to notice walking down a monumental cathedral, a visiting bird singing outside your window as you write a blogpost, the name of a song you haven’t heard in a while as you’re walking down the office to welcome your next client.

The way I see it, if it’s evokes enough energy to grab your attention, it’s meant to grab your attention.

Recently, however, I realized there is one thing that can and unfortunately does happen by accident: it’s the life of those who live in reaction to what the world will throw at them.

When you’re reacting to life and the daily things that come your way, the wholeness of your life ends up becoming an accident.

Your life was intended to be a beautiful masterpiece created by your soul and essence alone.

But when you sit back and relegate that responsibility to someone else, all of time simply fades your canvas and you’re left with bird droppings, dirt, and ketchup smeared on what was to be your creation.

Don’t live by accident, crossing your fingers and waiting for someone else to paint your dreams for you (it doesn’t happen).

If you’re reading this now, it’s not by accident. You’re here for a reason, and this is one loud resounding bell to pay attention to.

Create your life the way you intended.

An intentional life requires a balance of taking action, and learning to receive what’s bigger than our small, ego-istic minds could possibly draft up.

That’s why when we ask for something, we always ask with “… this or something better” at the end of each LOA affirmation or prayer.

First, figure out what it is you want out of life. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to draft a beautiful or perfect statement that’s supposed to be a life purpose or destiny set in stone.

Instead, think about what makes your heart sing – what lifts the corners of your mouth. Start there, and the rest draws itself out into a beautiful map of your lifetime here.

Then, learn how to take appropriate actions but also open yourself up to receiving gifts from the Universe that change the trajectory of your life by 1mm but completely reshape where you end up.

Before I go, there are two things you should keep in mind. Taking actions and opening up to receive require

  1. the feels,
  2. as well as strength.

Taking actions is easy, as long as you know what motivates you, and why. This is where emotions come in. Allow emotions to serve as your fuel and compass.

Learning to receive, on the other hand, requires strength. Because we get caught up in how life must look, or attached to certain outcomes, people, and ideas, we close ourselves off to receiving even greater things. Have strength – let go of any attachments and receive openly and freely.

What one small step will you take today, to make sure you’re living a life of intention?

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.