Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

Bruce Lee

You got a new job. You got let go. You just found out your friend from college passed away. Your car needs a new transmission. Your wife wants to leave you. Your partner wants to move to the other side of the world.

Whatever change you’re facing now, if it’s a significant one, it’s definitely bound to cause stress.

I was asked to re-evaluate my life this past year: what I believed to be true about myself, what I believed about relationships, how I prioritized my values, how much I valued my self-worth, whether my goals were deserving of me… I had to slow down, fast. Otherwise, I would’ve careened off the highway-to-emptiness and eventually would’ve crashed and burned.

Instead, the Universe was kind enough to pump my brakes for me to see the deer up ahead, and ultimately helped me to re-member my origins.

I’m still learning so much about myself, and I’m not sure that it ever stops. But I’ve mastered slowing down life, stretching more time for myself and the things that matter, and balanced what it means to see the Divine Force – the Big T – in all things.

Life is all strung together with energy: from each number sequence that you see, to words and symbols that escape your conscious (but not subconscious) awareness – everything is placed exactly in the time and space you’re in now.

That means, each change – big or small – is here for a reason.

If you learn to analyze and understand each change that happens for you in life, you’ll completely maneuver life with such ease that you can truly find happiness with each turn of your gaze.

Change happens in your life for one of three reasons:

  1. Your soul is craving more of the real thing. Read between the lines of what’s happening right now. How is this change making your life more aligned to what brings a smile to your face? Aren’t you tired of the moment-to-moment, fleeting moments that really don’t do it for you anymore? If you’re facing a major change right now, it’s likely that your soul – the core, essential part of you – wants to live life. Not just to observe or mimic, but live it to your fullest potential. And that requires significant changes to what’s in your immediate environment (both literally and figuratively speaking).
  2. You’ve asked for something that the Universe is trying to create room for. You may not remember what you asked the Universe for 15 years ago, but they sure do. It might not be exactly how you’d imagined it, but something you’ve asked for is about to land in your life right now. In order for abundance to happen, though, you have to understand how it all transpires. Do you know how a diamond is created, or what it’s made of?… Just carbon – i.e., coal – and TONS of heat and pressure. If you want abundance, there are thoughts, actions, behaviors, and feelings that need to undergo intense pressure and a lot of heat. See it through – and see yourself shine.
  3. If you want to level up, you need to understand that it requires a certain level of skill, wisdom, and experience. Ever notice that books typically have chronological chapters? That is, you’re expected to read a book from the beginning all the way to the end, in order. I remember back in middle school, there were a few books that captured my attention because this concept was thrown out the window – I got to participate in the storyline, and at critical points of the story, I got to choose how to proceed and depending on the choices I made as the hero/heroine, I was instructed to turn to a specific page. No matter what’s expected of your book, in order for there to be new beginnings, there must be endings. You must put an end to patterns of automatic thoughts and behaviors that don’t nurture your ability to grow. There’s a reason why Jeff Bezos is worth $108.5 billion and not you or I. It requires a certain type of characteristics. Ask yourself, do you have the passion, wisdom, and unrelenting pursuit of what it is you want in life? If you don’t, and you’re going through a significant hurdle, it’s most likely the reason why the Universe is offering this transition for you. Allow yourself to be groomed and trained – believe me, it’s worth it.

Live with intention. Inspire with Love.