Dear music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart, and lifting my spirits.
-Lori Deschene

If there is one thing I can recommend to anyone who wants to feel good almost immediately, it would be…

It’s one of the most beautiful things about life:
I can’t workout without music. Ever.
Car rides without music seem to last forever.
And music always enhances what I feel.

I can’t imagine my life without music.
It’s what makes me feel alive.

There is a ton of science around why music is so critical to the
human experience:

  1. Music boosts the amount of dopamine in your brain
    (that’s the feel good stuff).
  2. It even releases opioid hormones
    (it’s what relieves physical and emotional pain).
  3. It makes your immune system stronger.
    It helps with surgical recovery.
  4. It decreases stress hormones.
  5. It can lower heart rate and blood pressure.
  6. It lowers anxiety and depression symptoms,
    and makes you socially more adept.
  7. It helps with dementia,
    and also has been associated with babies who have better motor/cognitive/language skills.


What I love most about music?
It makes it easier to understand, convey, and process difficult emotions.

So listen to some music today.
For those of you up for the challenge,

Dance to music.
We are just energy in motion.
And we don’t get enough of that sometimes.

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.