I’m always in a state of trance, I’m not often in the real world.

Emma Hewitt

Have you ever been so involved in an activity that time seemed to fly by?

This happens to me often – especially when I’m playing music, or when I’m working with clients (1-1 or even in presentations).

There’s a saying, you know you’re having fun when time flies.

It’s also true that time flies when you’re in flow.

When your mind and body is so engaged in something, especially in creation, all of time ceases to exist.

Science now shows that when flow happens, it’s related to things like: increased life satisfaction, meeting goals, healthier bodies/minds, as well as enhanced creativity.

What’s required for you to be in flow?

  • Skill
  • Concentration
  • Goals/outcomes
  • Immediate feedback
  • Sense of control

Flow states require you to have a high level of skill AND a high level of challenge.

Think about the last time you were in flow. What were you doing? What skill(s) were required? What was the challenge?

When you’re in a state of flow, you’re engaging parts of the brain that are required for creativity.

BONUS: Want a quick way to engage that same part of the brain?

Take a look at something in the room that you’re in now. Focus on that object until everything else around it/the background becomes blurry. Just when you think you’ve got it, switch your perception so that the background/everything else is what you notice, and the object becomes blurry..

Being in flow is just another way for you to experience:

  1. Higher levels of satisfaction in your life.
  2. Meet you goals.
  3. Be healthier.
  4. Bring in more creativity in your life.

What can you do each day this week to engage in flow?

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.