Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us… You playing small does not serve the world… and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

(Marianne Williamson)

When we find and exercise the things that bring us joy (things that light us up) we give permission to others around us to follow their own passions. That is the greatest joy in this world, and your purpose aligns with this at every level.

When you’ve found something that you love doing – that thing that brings others happiness, do exactly that. And more of it. Whether your joy brings healing, inspiration, empowerment, or entertainment and enjoyment for others, your purpose, happiness, and life asks you to surrender to it.

It’s your duty to give others the gift of permission; permission to enjoy their life here, in every moment by bringing out what they were born to do.

This is the way we feed our souls – and now science can help us find, shape, and clarify our life purpose.

How do you start finding and clarifying your life purpose?

You can start by looking at your strengths. Here are some research/evidence-based strengths for you to consider (www.viacharacter.org)

  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence. You notice and love beauty in many places, you enjoy experiencing others’ talents
  • Integrity. You speak the truth and allow others to see the real you. You are a (wo)man who takes responsibility for what you do/say.
  • Bravery. You don’t avoid challenging situations and you speak up, even when it brings you conflict.
  • Creativity. You love coming up with new and original ways of doing things.
  • Curiosity. You’re an explorer at heart. You love discovering new things on a daily basis.
  • Fairness. You treat others fairly. You expect justice.
  • Forgiveness/mercy. You can easily let go of wrongdoings and give others a second chance.
  • Gratitude. You appreciate everything around you. You notice the good things in life.
  • Hope. You expect good things to come in the future.
  • Humor. You enjoy laughing and making jokes, you appreciate seeing others smile.
  • Kindness. You find yourself doing things for others frequently, and enjoy taking care of others.
  • Leadership. You work with others to get things done.
  • Love. You naturally gravitate towards being close to others, and showing/receiving love to/from others.
  • Love of learning. You enjoy receiving new information and learning how to do new things.
  • Modesty/humility. You’re not one to brag, and don’t draw attention to yourself.
  • Open-mindedness. You like to look at all aspects before making decisions and have the ability to change your opinion if required.
  • Perspective. You have the uncanny ability to see the big picture. Others come to you for advice.
  • Persistence. You finish what you start, and enjoy completing tasks.
  • Prudence. You’re careful about making decisions and avoid risks.
  • Spirituality. You’re connected to things we cannot see. You derive energy from knowing we’re all a part of a bigger plan, and believe we all have a purpose.
  • Self-control. You have the ability to put important things first, despite it being difficult to. You don’t overindulge.
  • Social intelligence. You know what makes others tick, and get along with everyone.
  • Teamwork. You’re loyal to your group, and do your share.
  • Zest. You’re dripping with energy and excitement. Life is an adventure.

Figure out which of the above describe you best.

If you haven’t been using those traits at work, home, and with everyone around you, begin today.

By exercising your strengths, you’ll begin to open doors to learning what your life purpose looks like.

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.