If you wait, all that happens is you get older.

Larry McMurtry

Sometimes, especially during the holiday season, it can be easy to feel stagnant and sluggish when it comes to goals and performance.

Whatever the reason, not having motivation to do something that you know/want to get done can feel like a drag. There are some things that you can do now that takes little effort on your part to get your motivation skyrocketing again.

How to increase motivation today:

  1. Why start from scratch? More than ever, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Figure out what’s worked for the people that have already done it. Then, don’t just mimic it, make it yours. For example, I’ve learned to drink a whole glass of water as soon as I get up. It wakes me up and gets me going. The only thing is, having it right by my bed as I was taught, wasn’t enough. Set your intentions the night before – what kind of a day do you vow to have? Write it down on a small piece of paper, fill a glass with water, and set the glass of water on top of the note… not by your bedside but in the kitchen. This way, you get your body moving and you have a nice reminder to set your day right. Can’t seem to roll out of bed? When the alarm goes off, take a deep breath and count down from 10 to 1. At 1, you get up and at ’em. Both of these tips (glass of water, counting down) are tips I’ve learned from others to adopt for my own use.
  2. Remember to use your scissors. I remember hearing a story about a kindergartener who was written off by his teachers because he couldn’t cut along the lines. His parents were livid, but instead of believing what others said, they insisted on believing in and expecting the fullest capacity of their son. Last I heard, he had gotten accepted into Harvard, at the top of his class. Cut out all things that deplete you of your energy. This includes “friends”, responsibilities, and needless drama. Find what exactly it is that’s draining you of your energy and why; then, cut, cut, cut away! When people ask me how I can be so stress-free… this is my secret sauce. There are no excuses: I am my most important priority. If I don’t fill my cup, I can’t fill others’ cups.
  3. You belong on a throne – remember this the next time you feel like life isn’t going your way. If heavy is the head that wears the throne, remember that it requires a certain type of person to have ownership of such great power. This means taking on traits like assertiveness, leadership, and having authority of every choice you make (as simple as: do you take the stairs or take the elevator?).

Energy is everything, motivation included. Make your day count!

Live with intention. Inspire with love.