Surround yourself with people who can hear the sound of your soul. 

(Jeff Hood)


There are particular voices I love more than others…

the people I care about, the people that I love –

and then there are voices that I’m attracted to right off the bat.


Someone once said that the soul resides in the human voice.

That could partially explain why people love watching videos over pictures, despite how much more time, energy, and effort it takes to digest video.

What, in particular, do we know about the human voice that changes the way we should be communicating?

Researchers have found that hearing the sound of the voice of someone you love is related to lower levels of stress hormones and higher levels of the cuddle (calming) hormone, oxytocin.

Furthermore, they found that hearing the voice of someone you love

activates the same part of the brain that is activated when hugging that same person.


In fact, coma patients who heard the voice of someone they loved awoke from their comas much faster than patients that didn’t.


Unfortunately… did you know:

that we’re more than 4x more likely to text someone than call them?


When you take all of this into consideration and think about how we communicate today (think: Facebook, Instagram, text messaging, emailing) – it brings me to a screeching halt: we’re losing our way of authentically connecting with other souls.

Call the people you love today.

Let your texting fingers take a break.


Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.