Psychic power is the ability to download information directly from the Universe.

Lada Ray

I can’t tell you what your superpowers are; but this is the best place to start if you’d like to know what they are, and if you’re questioning why you’re here.

It starts with intuition. What is intuition?

It goes beyond your five senses, which is all you’ve come to know and practice your whole life.

It’s just the beginning of your psychic powers (we all have them). If you’ve ever gone to an orchestra performance, you know that something amazing is just around the corner when you hear all of the musicians on the stage tuning their string instruments.

Your intuition is just the beginning of unlocking all of the supernatural powers that are already yours.

Intuition is a quiet inner knowing.

It’s your direct connection to a higher power, communication that pierces whatever veil we’ve cloaked ourselves with in denying our true power.

In order to listen to our intuition more, we need to understand the difference between intuition and intellect:

Intuition is…


Intuition doesn’t use language. When I first started developing my own intuitive knowledge and experience, I had a blast playing a game with myself every time I heard information. I’d hear something like, “write him a thank you card” and use that opportunity to put what I just heard into the intellect category or intuition category. I stowed that one away to intellect, because I could distinctly hear the words.

Sometimes, I’d receive other information, like “take the back roads,” and knew it was my intuition because I didn’t actually hear words associated with that thought. Instead, it was just a knowing. Turns out, by taking the backroads, I avoided a major accident on the highway which shut down more than two lanes.


Intuition is not attached to your ego. Which means, there won’t be a positive or negative emotion attached to what your intuition tells you. Most often than not, our intellect sends messages that feed our ego. If it comes from your brain (intellect), it means that it will try and protect your image and identity at all costs.

Consider this: you’re walking to the coffee shop downstairs when you remember that you were supposed to send out a memo to the entire team about the current project – an hour ago. Is that your intellect or your intuition? If you experience a negative feeling with that thought, it’s your intellect. However, if you don’t experience any feeling at all, it’s most likely your intuition.


The only exception to the above rule:

If you feel fear immediately after a thought. Sometimes, our intuition will guide us to make decisions that will most definitely scare the sh*t out of us. The only distinction you have to make is, is the fear one that has a sense of excitement mixed in?

I remember when I was guided by my intuition to jump ship (not one that was bad or even sinking, just off the one I was on because it wasn’t mine) two years ago. I had a very cushy job working with a psychiatrist a year after buying a home. But something kept telling me to start my own business. It didn’t make sense to me at all. The psychiatrist I worked with was super compassionate, understanding, and flexible. He went out of his way to make sure I was over-compensated, taken care of, and felt like I belonged there.

It wasn’t a logical decision. But I made it anyway. Because my gut was telling me to start my own business. It wasn’t fear based, it was fueled by excitement.

If you trust your quiet inner-knowing, you’ll find that you’re quickly on the path to figuring out why you’re here. You begin to learn more about yourself than you thought possible – and if you’re interested, you can begin to nurture and hone your psychic powers even more.

Call me insane if you’d like, but I’ve learned to tap into that reservoir to hear, see, and feel things that I know are nonverbal, nonegotistical, and nonlogical – things that come from beyond this physical world. It’s so much fun, and I can’t imagine living my life without it.

Here are some ways I’ve learned to flex my intuition muscles:

  1. Quiet the mind. When my mind is going 100 miles a minute, it’s much too loud to hear my intuition. Meditation is great for this, you can also simply focus on your breath for a few minutes at a time. Allow thoughts to come and go when they do, but always bring your intention back to the breath (or meditation).
  2. Get in touch with your heart. The more you can hear your heartbeat, the more in-tune you can be with your heart. Which is where intuition begins. People think I’m crazy when I guide them on meditations to feel their heartbeats; unless they’ve just run a marathon, they say, how could they possibly feel their heartbeat? Start by placing your hands over your heart. You’ll learn over time to actually feel your heart without placing your hands over your breastplate.
  3. Watch and listen to your world. The Universe whispers to you in other ways. Sometimes it’s much easier to notice signs with your five physical senses (see, hear, touch, taste, smell), whereas tuning into your intuition requires an awareness beyond your five senses. Lately, I’ve been noticing butterflies – everywhere. When I notice something out of the ordinary like this, I’ll take a step back and tap into my intuition to see what my Soul or Spirit Team wants to tell me.

Try it on for size, let me know how doing the above serves you.

Live with intention, lead with inspiration.