Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.

Albert Einstein

There are those that believe we’re all tied together with energy (I may be one of them). Which means – a long, long time ago, we may have communicated telepathically with no need for communication via auditory language. There’s belief that we could all send each other messages through frequencies and vibrations by intention alone.

If everything is energy, it means that my thoughts and my emotions produce a certain type of vibrational frequency… which can actually now be measured scientifically. And that means, the thoughts I have are producing an energetic field and bubble (aura) that I’m sheltered within.

Wanna know what that also means?

It means that I can create an impenetrable energetic field that not only blocks lower feels/thoughts (constricting), but also attracts the kinds of experiences that I enjoy (expansive).

In order to create this energetic field, it’s all about balance. This is how I know when I’m starting to slack in the area of balancing life; when others’ behaviors, reactions, and thoughts influence mine without my intentional awareness or permission.. I know I’ve been negligent in my magician energy.

What’s difficult about all of this is that there are so many people out there calling themselves influencers, gurus, and the like; they want you to believe they have your answer for you.

There’s just too much outside noise attempting to dictate what’s supposed to feel right to us individually.

Even practicing religion without any considerable forethought is simply choosing to experience life through the lens of someone else’s ego and their experiences.

We have to each take individual responsibility for our energy. Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners called it Qi – it’s an energy store we’re all born with, and will eventually run out of in this physical form. And it’s up to us to figure out how to wisely channel it to our best use.

How do you keep your vibes high?

Fortunately, we can be more creative than simply using positive affirmations and having happy thoughts.

Here are some that work for me, work for clients; try ’em on for size, and see which ones you’d like to keep in your toolbox.

Work on what works. That means:

  1. Assess how you want to feel most. Is it peaceful? Or inspired? Do you want to feel empowered? Depending on how you want to feel, you can use different tactics.
  2. Take care of your physical needs first. I love naps. Someone once told me that people who need naps are weak (!@$%). So for a long time, I tried talking myself out of taking naps. But naps are my best way for replenishing what my body couldn’t fill up during my normal night’s sleep. Best way to nap (and not wake up groggy)? 15 minutes, max. Set an alarm. Let your head hit the pillow. Get up when the alarm rings. You know you’ve done it right when you feel like you were just about to doze off when the alarm went off (it’s all about brainwaves and cycles.. trust me on this one).
  3. Do what’s fun. I can’t imagine spending an hour doing yoga. I get my zen through other methods, like meditations. So I don’t force myself to do it. Instead, I love belting out to a tune; going out in nature on hikes; pushing myself to exhaustion on sprints or on the boxing bag. Find something that requires active participation (no mindless/passive zoning out) and that you can really enjoy doing. Go take a dance class!
  4. Feed the vibes. How do you get a fire going? It certainly isn’t waiting for embers and sparks to catch and light on its own. You have to feed it oxygen – otherwise the fire dies, let alone starts. How do you stay in high vibes? Keep feeding it. It’s not like leveling up where you’ve gained a superpower and it’s at your disposal. You have to keep working at it. In other words, put the time in. Meditate. Practice yoga. Play an instrument. Keep a gratitude journal. Exercise. Go help someone. Practice an act of kindness. Go for a hike. Listen to the rain. Bathe in sunlight… What are some of your favorites?
  5. Pay attention to the cycles. Just as we have four seasons, women have menstrual cycles, and we have sleep-wake cycles, there are cycles to life balance. Play, but don’t play too hard. Create when you notice feeling out of alignment. Eat, but don’t eat too much. Allow your digestive system to take a rest.

Of course there are so many other ways to keep your energy up, but these are some fundamental ones to keep in mind.

Now it’s your turn to share – what are some of your faves?

Live with intention. Inspire with love.