Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

Bob Proctor

I love anything and everything mystical. In fact, it outshines my passion for finding the science of what makes us humans tick.

So naturally when I first learned about the Law of Attraction, I was glued to the idea that I can create whatever reality I want to, by attracting the things that I can imagine.

But eventually my left brain kicked in – and it wanted to know how.

There are two ways to explain the law of attraction to anyone using science: 1. Explaining the way parts of our brain work, or 2. Explaining energy and quantum physics.

Let’s go with #1 for today (simply for the fact that I’m much more able to talk about the human brain than quantum science).

There are bundles of nerves in you brainstem called the Reticular Activating System (RAS for short). The function of this part of your brain is to filter through the billions of information coming into your awareness at any point in time.

This way, our brains wouldn’t short-circuit from all of the information possible for us to grasp.

Another way to think about the RAS is as a gate, not just a filter. Information is either allowed past the gates, or it’s not. If it passes the gate, it comes into our brains and conscious awareness. If not, the information simply doesn’t get our attention.

This is why in a crowded room of hundreds of people, you can tune out everyone else as you’re having a conversation with just one or a few people. But as soon as someone so much as whispers your name, your head swivels in that direction.

Studies show that shutting down the RAS turns the organism into a vegetable (it successfully induces a coma-like state). So I guess we can think of it as the place where our consciousness begins.

But if you’ve followed me thus far, this is where it gets good. We now know that we can direct our RAS – we can tell our brains what filters to set (like giving the security guard your very own special guest list).

Where you put your focus, your RAS filters information that’s pertinent to that focus. Thus, if you want to make that final sale this month to receive that bonus, your RAS will find all pertinent information, person, and skills necessary to receive your bonus.

On the flip side, your RAS will also find information to validate your beliefs. So if you believe that you’re a bad parent, you’ll find information to confirm this belief and you’ll continue acting like a bad parent – it’s a vicious cycle that feeds itself.

This is why when I work with clients 1-1, we focus on setting goals first. The how becomes apparent as we explore the unconscious mind deeper to see where their own solutions exist (because the RAS filters necessary information for us). This is how we reset and clear past baggage, trauma, and limiting beliefs.

We find the right questions to ask the Universe and the subconscious mind. And by adjusting the guest list, we find that the right people, resources, and information were there all along.

You don’t need to know the how – that’s the RAS’s job. Just set your intentions and see what becomes apparent in your life.

  1. Ask the right questions. Instead of focusing on limiting beliefs, focus on what you’d like instead (e.g., how can I make the perfect sunny-side egg?)
  2. Envision what you want. Include both imagery and emotions.
  3. Listen for guidance on how to get what you’ve asked for.

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.