Our intention creates our reality.

Wayne Dyer

It’s interesting how we consider building a legacy; we assume it takes a lot of work. Or that we can’t create a legacy unless we’ve instilled something in our kids, built a thriving business, or published a book.

But what if creating a legacy was simply the act of creating ripples, just for the sake of creating ripples? Consider that legacy isn’t about your reputation or what others say about you: it’s how you’ve made an indescribable impact on humanity – or, specifically, in the collective consciousness.

It’s about the indelible imprints we leave on every individual we meet. No matter how small the gesture seems, it creates a life-changing opportunity for two individuals: you, and the other.

It’s life-changing not so much in a mic-drop type of way, but life changing in a more subtle way. For example, there is something called the chaos theory. It’s the science of studying nonlinear and unpredictable events. It’s measured by something called fractal mathematics; fractal: never-ending pattern, mathematics: quantity, structure, space, and change.

Fractals are seen all over this world (think, nature). For example, when you consider the patterns within a pinecone, the view of mountains from up high, the winding of the seashell, you’ll notice patterns within patterns within patterns, all repeating.

Nature teaches us that cycles repeat; that what we see in one individual is what we would see in the collective.

Thus, the legacy we create are simple gestures of creating ripples, all creating the same pattern of ripple over and over again within each other. This is why when you stop to buy a stranger a cup of coffee, that individual is inspired to put into action (or at least a thought that inspires future action) similar patterns of giving back and sharing.

The existence you have in this world today, is all about the fractal nature of your ripples. What you do in this moment, and then the next, shapes not just your reputation or legacy, but also the nature of humanity as it exists within this space-time vacuum.

How do you begin to assess the nature of your legacy, the one you create now?


  • personality. Your personality is simply the collection of your experiences + what inspires you. It is the nature of your soul merging with this human experience to make right what you couldn’t before, and to then create healing and expansion. Consider, therefore, what your life experiences (both big and small), tell you about why you’re here, and how you can choose to create your legacy on purpose.
  • pain. Speaking of your personal experiences, tell me specifically what you’re afraid of. In the past, my biggest fear was the fear of being alone. I’ve since worked through that fear, and have moved onto another aspect of pain to heal through: the fear of being off-the-mark. I have a fear of being wrong about the path I’ve chosen (I’m working through it now). What is your biggest pain now? and how do you integrate that into the types of ripples you’re creating, and therefore, the legacy you leave behind?
  • choice. Because you’re here reading this now, understand that you now have the responsibility of taking the wheel. It is no longer serving you to sit idly in the passenger seat. Taking the wheel means you understand: every thought you have is your choice. Every feeling that you embrace if your choice. Every response is your choice. In all that you do, you have choice – which means, you’re creating your legacy on purpose.

I leave you with the following questions:

What do you understand about your legacy that helps you feel more empowered today than yesterday?

What aspects of your life do you choose to release and forgive?

What doors of opportunity open for you now that you understand a different way of understanding legacy?