The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.

Marie Kondo

Life is all about balance.

How many times have you heard that before? But what if I told you, life is really all about balance?

Not the static kind of balance where you’d imagine a justice scale, and you add 12 ounces on one side to balance out 12 ounces on the other.

I mean, the kind of balance that requires active participation – like a dance.

In order for life to be balanced, we must constantly be shifting, adapting to the current situation at hand. Because energy is neither created nor destroyed, it’s always and constantly changing. And so is what’s required for balance.

The best way to balance life? is to learn how to let go to let in.


The best way to know if you need to release something?

When you feel left out in the cold.

It doesn’t have to be literal, or even first-degree of figuratively speaking, per se. If you feel like life just seems to rush past you, like you can’t catch a break, or feel lost – they can all be signs that you need to evaluate and see what needs to be released.

What I’ve learned, is that when you don’t learn to read the writings on the wall, so to speak, the Universe steps in and creates upheaval in your life. Your soul will do anything to get your attention, if you’ve been depriving it of authentic living. The last thing you want is to end up bankrupt, with no family or friends, living out of your car (I know… debatable – given stories out there of hitting rock bottom before coming up).

Understand when you begin to feel left out in the cold. When you do, it’s time to turn to knowing what it is you’re letting go of, and what you’re letting in.

Here’s what you’re letting go, and what you’re letting in in return.

To let go:

expectations – yours. Let go of expectations, not just the ones you feel you “should” have of yourself. Whether that may be to be home more often, to spend more time with friends, or gain your jerk-of-a-boss’s approval. You don’t need to do or be anything other than what and who you already are. Follow your compass – your heart, and simply be more of that.

expectations – others’. There’s no one in this world that knows you like you know you. Whether it’s your mom saying you should’ve gone with the black shoes, your barista rushing you to pay for your coffee because the line is backing up, or your assistant telling you your boss called again – this time really irate – there’s no one that can tell you how to show up today or tomorrow. Only you can tell me what’s in your highest good: whether or not the comfy black shoes that look horrendous with that outfit is the best decision of your outfit, whether or not you want to use the spare change at the bottom of your purse to make up the 51 cents of your Americano, and whether or not you decide to return your boss’s call later after you’ve had your breakfast. How you show up, and in what manner – is all up to you – because you know yourself best; which means you know what’s in your highest good.

waiting – permission. Release whatever it is you’re waiting for now to show up how you dream of showing up. You don’t need your students to tell you that your class rocked, to rock your class next week. You certainly don’t need your friends to tell you how amazing you sounded on stage to publish your tunes online. You don’t need a religious figure to tell you you’ve been forgiven to feel absolved. You know – whether you believe in your teachings to get up in front of class everyday. You know – that you poured your soul into your music and it’s worth every penny you’ll charge for others to download. Only you know – what your connection and relationship with the Divine, Source, and God is like, and what that means for how you act.

waiting – fulfillment. Whether or not you stand by your driveway for the new toy from Amazon to arrive, it gets there when it gets there. But if you spend your time waiting, you’ve lost time – the only commodity that you can’t get back; it’s the only thing that we can’t buy. That means, if you’re waiting for your date from last week to text you back, or waiting for the next job to make you happy – you’re leaking happiness that you’ll never get back.

To let in:

truth. There’s only one thing that matters, along with filling your life with love and laughter. It’s knowing your truth. The minute you release the things that hold you down, the minute you know exactly what your truth is: the things that draw the corners of your mouth up, the things that fill your body with buzzing joy, and the things that make you get up with hope, wonder, and appreciation.

creative force. this is your manifestation power. In conjunction with knowing more of who you are, the moment you let go of the things that don’t vibrate at your frequency anymore, the moment you realize what you’re capable of. There’s something amazing that happens when you realize what you’re capable of – you begin to remember what it feels like to be a kid again. You know that feeling of creating something magical? The world you imagined – with legos, dolls, and twigs? That feeling comes back, and all the opportunities you need to really live the life you want become present and accessible in that state of being.

How do you do this?

The most graceful way to let go and let in is to have a deeper foundation and higher perspective. Foundation: know what you value in life – your must-haves. Write them down, and put them up somewhere you see them frequently. Perspective: understand the bigger picture. Just as emotions pass, so do situations.

Your challenge today: in what ways do you feel left out in the cold – feeling stuck, lost, or afraid? And what do you need to let go to let in?

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.