Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Suzy Kassem

There are certain things in life we should never mix. For example, we’re cautioned not to take certain drugs with grapefruit juice because it interacts with certain drugs in a way that produces dangerous side effects like heart rhythm changes.

Like grapefruit, fear should never be introduced into a situation where curiosity is involved.

Curiosity + Fear = Doubt

A lot of stagnant energy can be moved by simply choosing to be curious. But curiosity + fear creates and further multiples stagnant energy.

Where there is curiosity in addition to fear, it creates doubt.




These are all variations of the same: doubt.

Whether in relationships or in context of meeting life goals, the presence of doubt destroys opportunities for manifestation, peace, and achievement.

You’ll never understand what you’re capable of (ideal relationship, fulfilling career, peaceful home environment, life-changing business ventures, etc.) if you never go full-in because you doubt yourself, the situations you find yourself in, or the cards you were dealt.

You set yourself up for failure.

You find reasons to fail at something. That way, when you or others are evaluating how you did (are your kids well-behaved? is your business successful? did you have what it takes?), you have an out. You have an excuse.

For example, when there are doubts about whether you can venture out on your own to start your own accounting firm, you’ll stay where you’re comfortable. You’ll create reasons and excuses for why you couldn’t go out on your own.

Maybe you just bought a new house and regular mortgage payments wouldn’t be possible.

Maybe you just had a kid.

Maybe your bosses really depend on you at work.

Maybe your coworkers would be disappointed if you left.


If doubts are so impeding to ultimate life fulfillment, why do we have them at all?

Just as curiosity is a natural trait interwoven into our genes, so is fear (and remember, doubt = fear + curiosity). We’re just as wired – if not more – to constantly have our heads on a swivel to look for things that are wrong.

By way of fear, our bodies have evolved to question and be on the lookout for things that may go wrong, in order for us to be safe.

When the reptilian and oldest part of our brain is activated, there is nothing that we can say or hear logically that will remove that fear.

So what can we do to remove doubt?

It’s a two-step process.

  1. Go within. There are answers to life and life’s ultimate questions that requires not logical reasoning, but illogical knowing. It’s best explained along the lines of faith. For most, a god/universe/source/creator exists. It’s this exact and precise existence that explains the things that there don’t seem to be logical answers for. How to: find a peaceful and comfortable space where you’ll be uninterrupted for about 15-30 minutes. Take three deep breaths and notice the expansion of your chest and diaphragm. Say aloud, “I’d like to know how…” and simply bring your attention to the space in your head two-three inches behind the space between your eyebrows. Imagine your attention shrinking exponentially to enter the universe that exists within this space. And just relax deeper into this space of warmth and darkness until an answer and subsequently, peace, enters your awareness. Be openly curious about what’s to enter your space, receiving what comes. Don’t force anything to happen. Just sit and receive.
  2. Act as-if. The second step to removing self-doubt is to act. It’s about pushing past your mind-chatter/thoughts and creating ripples in the world that you see around you. How to: Do one thing each day that goes against “logical” explanations and beliefs. For example, if you doubt that you’ll ever attract and manifest the partner of your dreams, do one thing each day that counters this limiting belief. How would you act if that person was about to enter into your life? Go out to that outdoor party you were invited to – or throw one yourself, and ask your friends to bring someone else! Have fun. Enjoy life. Appreciate the gifts coming your way.

With love and all things that matter,

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.