Each moment contains a hundred messages from God.


What does it take to live a heart-centered life? And why is it so important?

I work with millionaires, small business owners, and group leaders one-on-one.

The consistent pattern I’ve found in working with such amazing individuals is that they find me by “accident.”

What do I mean by that?

…. I work with individuals who find me or have been referred to me because of their search for: tools to relieve stress, coping with negative mind chatter, and quick fixes for depressive symptoms.

In reality, what they’re all after is this one thing: finding, creating, and living a life that matters. One that feels good, harmonious, and in alignment with their truth.

You see, feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression are all simply byproducts of the same thing: living a life that doesn’t make sense to them. It’s their Unconscious-Mind/Over-Soul/Higher-Self telling them that something is OFF.

Of course, getting set up to find your way back on track requires deeper work than one simple tool. But if I were to give you one of the biggest difference-makers, the biggest bang-for-your-buck strategy, it would be this.

See God in All Things.

And I don’t mean the god that you find in church, in the scriptures/texts, or from childhood stories of where we all came from.

I mean the Divine, the Sacred, Love, and Life.

There is a life force that connects and weaves all of us together. A life force that allows you to read these words now, allows you to contemplate what life is about, allows you to enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face… the one that keeps your heart beating – all without you lifting a single finger.

By seeing the sacred/divine in all things, you:

  • transcend the mundane, day-to-day life
  • see magic everywhere
  • are moved by the beauty that surrounds you

By acknowledging the sacred life in all things, you:

  • find purpose and order in your life
  • can ground yourself to now instead of being stuck in your head
  • connect to what really matters
  • can master your reactions to others around you
  • show kindness to all living things (including bugs!)
  • learn to take care of the planet
  • begin to love everyone in your life, including strangers that walk by
  • find more and more things to be grateful for in your life
  • think and move with intention
  • simply feel good about life and about yourself – consistently.

….. life begins to take on a new meaning. You’re inspired and feel like you’ve been reborn. You see things from a completely new perspective.

What can you do to see the Sacred Life in all things?

  1. Slow down, literally. See something new in each thing in your life that you might have simply passed by in the past.
  2. Ask yourself: if the Universe/Life/Source placed this person/situation/thing in my life for a reason, what could that reason be?
  3. Identify: a) What you know now that you didn’t before, and b) How this changes your behavior(s).

This world is pulsating with magic.

All you have to do is slow down and give yourself permission to see it.

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.