You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Energy can’t be created or destroyed. Energy is energy – and thus, everything that is brought to life is simply a recycling of something that’s already existed, in new form.

This is why when I sit down to come up with something “new,” I hit writer’s block. Instead, if I sit down with the mindset of reorganizing thoughts, ideas, insights, and feelings to repurposing something different, things come to life.

And so, it is true of your life. You’re not here to do anything new or anything that hasn’t been done before. But you are here to shine your truth, love, and light in the way that only you can.

Just because MLK Jr. was passionate about civil rights, doesn’t mean that no one else could be passionate about those same things. What about Little Rock Nine, the passionate and courageous young adults who risked it all, to push the envelope on segregation and equal rights?

We’re all here to do the same thing, but in different ways:

to live life passionately, to have fun experiencing life and pushing the envelope,

and ultimately increasing the expansion of what we can ultimately and only consider life to be – beyond what we already know.

So increase and experience life today: create something.

Creating something is one of a few, basic soul-full human needs.

How do we go about creating something if we don’t consider ourselves artists, musicians, engineers, etc? (I know… it’s intimidating. Or perhaps you’ve lied to yourself that you’re not a “creative”).

But meeting this one basic need is simple. If you need a headstart, you can approach it from any one of the following ways:

  1. Think of a time when you learned an important life lesson the hard way. You can create a doodle, short poem, or even a meal surrounding that time and lesson learned. You don’t have to share anything you’ve created, and while that’s completely up to you – wouldn’t it be an absolute shame to create a tasty Hawaiian meal only to share it with no-one?
  2. Move quickly. Act steadfastly. There’s something you’ve been delaying – perhaps a decision to make, writing your letter of resignation, or proposing to the partner of your dreams. Create ripples, make movements. What’s something that could use some fresh ripples in your life today?
  3. The next time you notice anything out of the ordinary, make note of it and create the appropriate changes in your life. For example, I recently had a chipmunk join me during one of my morning workouts. After he calmed down post-startle, he quickly came running back around and jumped onto the screen door to get a better view of what I was doing. I deliberately created a connection: I needed to connect my understanding of everyday life with something I needed to pay attention to in that moment: I took it as a sign from the Universe to play more, I was taking life too seriously – so I blasted the music and jammed for a bit, instead of rushing upstairs to get work started.

Because you’re a soul having a human experience, it’s an inherent need to create something.

Live with intention. Lead with inspiration.