We must first be emptied in order to be filled.


If you must know anything from reading this now, know that the Universe and Creative Life Force is too intelligent for “coincidences” to be present in your life.

This is rule number 1 to finally waking from your slumber. When you begin to realize that the whole point of this life-game is to fulfill your heart’s desire, you’ll quickly come to understand that your compass points in the way where none of your five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell – are useful.

In fact, because you can’t trust any of your five senses, you must also learn to leave behind all sense of logic (rule 2). In order to do life right, you’ll have to learn to trust your intuition, which defies logic 9 out of 10 times.

If you understand both rule 1 and rule 2, you’ll understand fully, and embrace the reason why we get sick:

you’re due for an upgrade.

In order to download upgrades, your body must learn to shed all old and outdated files that don’t belong or are unnecessary. This is precisely why we periodically (approximately once a year) get sick.

Last year, I was sitting in the office meeting with a first-time client. Within 30 minutes into our session, I felt myself becoming quite sick: sensitivity to light, migraine, queasiness, and feeling extremely dizzy.

I’m going to be honest – I don’t know how i made it home after I cancelled all of my following appointments.

I was sick at home with a “24-hour bug.” But by this time last year, I knew better. The night prior to the day that this bug hit, I had an intense energetic and healing session: I cried like I hadn’t cried before, I remembered thoughts and experiences I hadn’t thought about in years. I had an energetic purge, and I felt great afterwards.

But then my physical body needed time to catch up to what had happened energetically, and hence, the 24-hour bug showed up a day later.

I knew intuitively what it meant to have a 24-hour flu. Just like I know exactly what it means now.

So when the world – not just one country – but the world, is experiencing a major epidemic, I know where to turn. And quite frankly, many of us have been expecting this shift for a while.

When a person (or planet Earth) gets sick, it’s the physical body’s way of clearing space (through the help of our pathogenic friends). It’s our way of hitting “reset” or rebooting our systems.

It’s not in my place to speak for those who die from being sick. All I know is that if I were to go in that way, I’d know that it was my time.

But if you’re here reading this post, understand: nothing is an accident. Everything in life is about balance. That is the nature of our dualistic experience. The light can only be found in darkness, resilience only through struggle.

This means that there is no fear in what’s coming into place now; no need to spread stories and thoughts stemming from fear. Stand solidly in place of love, welcoming in new seasons. If you haven’t been feeling well, allow yourself to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and reboot your system. It’s time for an upgrade.

When you know this, you can learn to “embrace the suck.”

Live with intention. Inspire with Love.